Above all Tom is passionate about HELPING PEOPLE!  His entire career is built on this principle. Every day he answers questions, takes complaints and solves problems for thousands of people – as he has been doing for more than 40-years!  Over the span of his career, Tom has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, merchandise, exchanges, refunds and services.


Tom’s main sounding board is his top-rated radio show airing weekdays around the country on his flagship radio station, Talk Radio 630 KHOW, plus on other affiliates and nationwide on iHeart Radio, Facebook and YouTube. His high-energy format is unlike anything you’ve ever heard on radio. Each program is packed with calls from people needing consumer help, information, referrals and advice. Tom and his team routinely investigate scams, rip-offs and consumer fraud live on the air! It is truly “Reality Radio”.

In addition to radio, Martino’s 40-year history of consumer advocacy spans television, newspapers, magazines and the internet. His well-known “Troubleshooter” brand has garnered millions of loyal fans across the country.



Tom has enjoyed more than 40-years in TV News – 30 of them in Denver – beginning with 20-years at KCNC-TV, then later moving to KDVR Fox-31 for 12-years. He currently does independent productions for various television outlets.



On the Internet Tom hosts this site, Troubleshooter.com as well as ReferralList.com, 303Martino.com and SleazeBrigade.com. in conjunction with his consumer advocacy work.


Other Activities

In addition to Broadcasting and the Internet, Tom offers consulting services to top corporate executives and business owners around the country on topics concerning business strategies, branding, marketing, advertising and customer service. He also serves as a commercial spokesperson for a select group of companies through personal endorsements, touting their outstanding customer service and consumer value. One of Tom’s favorite activities is public speaking for business, educational and charitable organizations.



Tom’s career began at a small-town newspaper in Catskill, New York. While at the Catskill Daily Mail, Tom created one of the first-ever Consumer Action columns where readers wrote to him for consumer help, information and advice. In the early 70’s Tom moved into broadcasting at WHUC Radio in Hudson, New York where he hosted America’s first consumer call-in show. Shortly thereafter he launched his TV career at WRGB-TV in Schenectady, New York. From New York, Tom also worked at WBBH-TV in Fort Myers, Florida; WTVT-TV in Tampa, Florida and WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina. Tom began his Denver career at KCNC-TV and 850-KOA Radio. He also had a long-running column in the Rocky Mountain News and wrote independently for several national magazines. In the late 90’s Tom’s radio show became nationally syndicated for several years on more than 300 radio stations from coast to coast. His affiliates included 77-WABC Radio in New York City.



Tom is an aviation enthusiast! For more than 37-years he has been flying airplanes, helicopters and even gyroplanes! As part of his passion, Tom personally restored five classic airplanes from the frame up. And he hand-built one composite airplane from scratch. Tom’s skills have earned him awards at airshows, including Oshkosh. He also enjoys playing drums, target shooting, horseback riding, RV camping, computers and tinkering with all things technical. He also NEVER met a pet he doesn’t LOVE!


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